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Food Bank

Spiritual Hospital is a charitably, multi-ethnic, non-denominational Christian Church located in North York, Ontario in existence since 2013. Our mission is to respond to the community by providing a wide range of programs and services that address the spiritual, mental, social and economic well-being for individuals and families. We are constantly seeking opportunities where we can serve and empower those that are in need, underprivileged, poverty stricken, in distress, mentally and physically challenged and those that have fallen between the cracks in our society. Our aim to help people actualize the best version of themselves.

Help us to facilitate this needed endeavor: We are seeking your assistance in the form of donations, from food, to gift cards or whatever you can do to assist. We want to be part of the solution and with your help you can be part of the solution as well. We help individuals and families battle food insecurity as we have recently set up a food bank. There has always been a need to assist others in this area but due to the COVID-19, now that need has increased exponentially. An example of this is just last month alone the use for the Toronto Daily food bank increased upwards of 53 percent as well, the Toronto libraries are being turned into food banks for vulnerable residents. Many Individuals have fallen on hard times, and are forced to make impossible choices buying food, paying rent and bills from the little money they may struggle to survive on.

Our food bank resides in a room within the Church where two Volunteers organize, operate and assist in stocking it. We are open twice a week and are taking every COVID-19 precaution to keep individuals safe. Our Food bank will be a permeant fixture with room for expansion. We also attempt to uncover what other challenges they may be dealing with (via assessment application) and assist them or refer them to community resources.

We are aware that we maybe one of many requests received by your company and hope that our merits and alignment are clear. You can be assured that we are efficient and effective in our services and our ability to assist others in need, our positive testimonials attest to our impact. Your contribution will make a difference not just in the lives of individuals, but families and the community on a whole. We presently have a few commitments from other businesses and would really appreciate if you could also be one of our contributors to empower, support and encourage others in these difficult times, post CERB times.

Food Bank


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