Spiritual Hospital Community Services

Healing & Deliverance Clinic

Proven and Effective Healing & Deliverance Process


Our assessment is used to identify root issues; gathering of information about client’s emotional, physiological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual status; to rule out physical condition vs spiritual. This will allow us to provide proper service and conduct proper procedure.

Spiritual Surgery

We use well trained high-level spiritual diplomats to conduct our spiritual surgeries. This is where the spiritual issues are dealt with. The root is removed so healing can take place. We also conduct a spiritual x-ray to see in the spiritual realm, the condition so it can be properly diagnosed, removed and treated.


Our counselors are licensed professionals, with Christian background. This service can be utilized before, during and after the healing & deliverance. Many people have deep rooted issues that can only be dealt with by counselling. Counselling sometimes also goes with or without the healing and deliverance.

To see all the details of how our clinic operates, please click the link below to open our full booklet

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